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I Really Messed Up…

My name is Mackenzie, nice to meet you. If you don't already know me then you have no idea exactly how many times a day (yes, a DAY) that I break or screw something up completely. To be honest, I... Continue Reading →

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Finding Out That I’m Pregnant

It started out like any other day. I got up at 6 a.m., made my coffee, washed my face, put on my make up, did my hair and headed off to work. Nothing felt different, nothing was out of the... Continue Reading →


Where Have I Been?

It's long, it's complicated and as usual it's pretty dramatic. There’s been a lot going on lately and the truth of it all is that I got tired. I got tired of waking up at five every morning and running... Continue Reading →

The Solar Eclipse

If you've been living under a rock you probably haven't heard that August 21st there will be a Solar Eclipse in the United States that will be a once in a lifetime experience for many.  This amazing sight will have... Continue Reading →

What Did I Think? 

The other day I found myself at WalMart wondering around the aisles. Of course something always seems to catch your eye at WalMart. On this particular day I'm not sure if it was the lighting, my undying hunger, or the... Continue Reading →

Five Ways to Stay Young Forever

Isn't this what we're all searching for? The key to eternal youth, beauty and happiness. Age is just a number and you're only as old as you feel, but how do you not let every day wear and tear bother... Continue Reading →

5 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Relationship

With every relationship there is give and take and inevitable turmoil. Whether it's a relationship with your family, your partner, or a work relationship: they can all benefit from these tips.  1. Equality  Whoever is involved in this relationship is... Continue Reading →

Why Does This Happen to Me?

Have you ever watched your life and it feels like you're in an out of body experience. You're observing everything that is unfolding and look down at the people involved and think, 'Oh those poor people.' Then you realize that... Continue Reading →

What Does This Mean to Me? 

As a woman with goals, dreams, wishes and deep admirations: what does this quote mean to me? Simply put all of those people that we look up to and hold on a pedestal didn't just wake up there one morning,... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Do This…

Day after day, week after week I continue to do this. Without thought, without care, without any regard for anyone else's feelings but my own. I'm completely selfish in that aspect. I only continuing doing this because of the feeling... Continue Reading →

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